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Azure Dive Resort History

The story of Azure Dive Resort begins in 1998 when out of sheer interest in the diving sport, resort owner Glenn Carballo decided to literally test the waters. He trained with PADI as an Open Water Dive Instructor and eventually earned his certification before working with the Sea Explorers team. He could not have started his career at a better time when the diving industry was about to flourish. In 1999, he became the full time resident dive instructor of DAKAK Park and Beach Resort in Dapitan City.

The following year, he returned home to Dumaguete to work at the newly opened Atlantis Dive Resort in Dauin where he stayed on for five years. He was one of the first Filipino dive instructors in the city.

Azure Dive Resort

Being part of the dynamic Atlantis team proved to be a life-changing experience for Glenn. He learned the full ropes of operating a dive resort, and forged relationships with international students and colleagues. The experience was not only challenging, but also self-rewarding. It was then that he realized what he truly wanted in his life: to be at the very core of the diving and resort industry. In 2005, he bid farewell to his Atlantis family and began a new venture, Diveworx Enterprises, a full-service dive and travel tours company based in Dumaguete City.

Azure Dive Resort

Initially, Diveworx ( relied on internet marketing for its primary revenues. The work was tedious, but eventually paid off. Soon after, Glenn acquired Sofia and Savannah, two motor boats that are used for shuttling divers to and from diving destinations within the Negros area. Today, Diveworx has a significant inventory of 120 tanks and various dive equipment including oxygen compressors. A refilling station was also established in 2009. Glenn actively participates in dive shows all over Asia and recently in 2016 joined the 2 premier dive shows in the USA being Beneath the Sea in Secaucus, New Jersey and DEMA in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year, Azure Dive Resort is set to join dive shows in Europe and the USA to further widen its reach in the international dive market.

Because of his hard work and dynamic and enterprising nature, Glenn has moved on to become a part of the vibrant dive and resort industry in Negros Oriental. Truly, he is living his dream but refuses to rest on his laurels. The Azure Dive Resort’s vision is to provide world-class service and ultimately, to achieve excellence in the industry. The resort is a living testament to his dedication, and there is little doubt that he will continue to reach his goals.